Chascolytrum brizoides

Briza complex (Calotheca, Chascolytrum Poidium and Briza s.s.)[1] sometimes treated as Calotheca brizoides ( Matthei 1975)

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Ch brizoides (Lam.)Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies [2] (bas Bromus brizoides Lam.) Calotheca brizoides[3][4]

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Wikispecies has information on Chascolytrum brizoides Essi, Liliana & Longhi-Wagner, Hilda & Chies, Tatiana. (2008). Phylogenetic analysis of the Briza Complex (Poaceae). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution. 47. 1018-29. 10.1016/j.ympev.2008.03.007.

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