Carex divisa

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Divided sedge not jet referenced for Chile[1] This Carex belonging to Vignea, taking into account genome size [2]

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wikispecies has information on: wikispecies:Carex divisa

Jiménez_Mejías P et al.2018 Taxonomic. nomemnclatural and chorological reports on Carex (Cyperaceae) in the Neotropics willdenowia 48:117-124

Molina A. et al 2010 Typification of some Hudson's plant names in Carex L. Taxon 55(4):1009-1013

Checklist as viewed on GBIF-Database[edit]

C divisa Huds.[3] syn.; C setifolia Kunze ex Kunth

C ammophylla Willd.