Chilean wine palm

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f. Zizka Palmengarten
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Jubaea chilensis (Molina)Baillon

Palma chilena Chilean Wine Palm in gardens in S F Mostazal (Chile)

Natural systematics

Kingdom  plants Plantae
Division  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
class  monocots Liliopsida
Ordo  Arecales Arecales[1]
natural family  Arecaceae Palmae
genus  Jubaea Jubaea
sp  Jubaea chilensis J.chilensis
author  Baillon Baillon
Publication Year  1895


Order   Arecales Arecales
Family  Arecaceae

Chilean Wine Palm (Jubaea chilensis) is the only native palm of Chile[2], suitable for ornamental [3]

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J chilensis (Molina)Baillon[4]

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