Gomortega keule

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Gomortega keule [1]
Gomortega Baillon

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Natural systematics

Kingdom  plants Plantae
Division  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
class  dicots Magnoliopsida
Ordo  Laurales Laurales
natural family  Gomortegaceae Gomortegaceae[2]
genus  Gomortega Gomortega
sp  G keule Gomortega keule
author  Baillon Baillon.[3]
Publication Year  1924[4]


Order   Laurales Laurales
Family  Gomortegaceae

(n.c.: G keale Baillon[5]this author refers(Johnston, 1924)[6]but GBIF quoted Gunckel

Checklist as viewed on GBIF-Database[edit]

G keule (Molina)Baillon ex Gunckel[7] [8][9]


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