Ponerorchis bifoliata

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P.bifoliata (Tang & F.T.Wang)Jin et al.(bas. Amitostigma bifoliatum Tang & F.T.Wang)他們建議將半翅目與半翅目,Amitostigma和Neottianthe與Ponerorchis結合,Smithorchis與Platanthera以及Aceratorchis和Neolindleya與Galearis結合,並建立一個新的屬來容納Ponerorchis chrysea


P.bifoliata (Tang & F.T.Wang) Jin et al. (bas. Amitostigma bifoliatum Tang & FTWang) propose to combine Hemipiliopsis with Hemipilia, Amitostigma and Neottianthe with Ponerorchis, Smithorchis with Platanthera, and Aceratorchis and Neolindleya with Galearis, and to establish a new genus to accommodate Ponerorchis chrysea.

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P.bifoliata (Tang & F.T.Wang) X.H.Jin, Schuit. & W.T.Jin [2]Amitostima bifolia Tang & F.T.Wang[3]