Sarcocornia neei

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Sarcocornia neei [1]

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Natural systematics

Kingdom  plants Plantae
Division  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
class  dicots Magnoliopsida
Ordo  Caryophyllales cariofilales
natural family  chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae
genus  Sarcocornia sarcocornia
sp  S neeai sarcocornia neeai
author  .[2]
Publication Year  2008 [3]


Order   Caryophyllales Caryophyllales
Family  Amaranthaceae

American sarcocornias are clearly monophyletic[4] its distribution extends between south ecuador to Patagonia and Brazil [5]


S neei (Lag.)M A Alonso et M B Crespo (syn. Salicornia [6][7]) [8][9] [10]

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Reiche K Fl of Chile vol. 6